Food Processing Industry

CSSI successfully upgraded the pressure and temperature conrol loops on steam for process heating, CIP, washdown, space heating and tank heating. In addition, we have installed condensate return units and completed P&ID tracing for as built systems. CSSI did a study and upgraded CIP and Vortator process controls. Includes design supply and install pressure reducing station and control valves and tuning of process loops.

Automotive Industry

Our team performed a comprehensive thermal and water Energy Audit which included metering and of process waste water and steam venting. CSSI monitored BTU`s as a part of thermal mass balance and proposed a solution which offers a payback within 18 months. Energy and water saving solution that works on actual process utilization and a high turn down based on 7 modulating production lines.

Healthcare Industry

CSSI has installed and commissioned heat exchanger packages for heating and domestic hot water. We have also conducted steam site surveys and trap audits for existing building and hospital facilities. 

Dairy Industry

Complete design engineered, Boiler Room and steam/condensate distribution for a greenfield diary turnkey project. CSSI specified, supplied and built a 200 x 2 BHP boiler room, complete with Deaerator, blowdown and central automation panel.

Rubber Industry

CSSI were brought in for an expert opinion on an ongoing  heat/cool process problem. CSSI designed and supplied  customized solutions with their expertise on steam and water utilization to achieve process requirements and resolve ongoing hammer problems. These were pre fabricated skids for heat cool loops on vulcanization of rubber mats.

Beverage Industry

CSSI has its unique design on instantaneous Process Hot Water units. The SS-08 and SS-10 units, a complete stainless steel design with anti-scaling design and predictive controls and added safety on overshoot limit control on the unit, instantaneous process water is generated at 100 gpm within 2 deg f control.

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